Meet the Characters


My name is Katie. I was born and raised in Virginia. I spent my childhood between my  my grandfather’s farm in Lawrenceville and my parent’s home in Chesterfield (RVA). My mother was born in the mountains and my father on the farm so I’ve got southern Appalachia all through my blood. I will probably abuse the word “ya’ll” as a result of this.

I am a mother to the sweetest peach of a one year old boy you could ever meet. I am lover to the most stubborn Capricorn I know. And the owner of an even more stubborn Shiba Inu, Sakura.

When I was younger, my hobbies were reading, writing and swimming. Now they revolve almost entirely around beauty and cosmetics.

I am an administrative assistant at a small career college. And am currently in school trying to be a Labor and Delivery RN.

I like emo music (think American Football, not Hawthorne Heights). I could binge watch Broad City and Law & Order SVU all damn day. I used to run a DIY venue so I have love for the DIY music scene. I am a feminist, ally and friend. I am extraordinarily clumsy and forgetful, please don’t hold that against me, we all have flaws. I cry when I see most dogs. I love veggies. I love beer and Bloody Mary’s.  I am also a car singer. Be warned.

For cosmetic purposes:

Skin Tone: Fair

Hair Color: Naturally Blonde. A lot of the times red. Right now, who knows.

Eyes: Hazel


Now let’s talk about the “fam”. 

First up we have my son, Paris Kimball.


He turned one on the 8th of March. He is my heart and soul. I never wanted children. But when I had a surprise pregnancy, I decided I needed him. And it was the best decision I’ve ever made. He has made my life so full and the unconditional love aspect is pretty darn cool.

Next is my love, Paul.


We met when his band came through from Long Island and played at my house. As fate would have it, he left his laptop at my house and had to come down to retrieve it a few weeks later. We were together long distance 6 months before I got pregnant. A couple of months later he moved down here and we’ve been together ever since, through good and bad. I refer to him as my Long Island Hunni. Or sometimes Long Island Street Trash. Be sure to look up his band Hollow Bodies on Facebook and Instagram.

Now we have Kimberly


Kimberly is often referred to as my sister (even though I actually do have two sisters). We met when I was 4 and she was about 5 or 6. We we’ve had the most tumultuous relationship but it’s always ended up for the better. I’d probably go insane if she were to permanently leave me life. She is bae. Respect bae. Love bae. She will be making small appearances here with me.

Last and 110% not least is Chris


Christopher Daniely, or Mocha Bear as he is often called, is my everything. He is the whole package. He is gay, gender fluid, mixed, overweight and loud. But he is the person who always says what he means and will have your back. He can be dramatic, but so can I so I never hold it against him. He is my son’s godfather and my closest confidante. He, too, will be making appearances on this blog as he is a diva extraordinaire and is on a makeup journey of his own.

So I just wanted to introduce some people and tell y’all some things about me so things will start to make more sense as you join me for this journey. Have a wonderful day and please be sure to comment with anything you will be wanting to hear about me, makeup, life, ANYTHING.



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