My Liquid Lipstick Collection!


So I asked you guys  if you wanted a peak at my liquid lipstick collection and it was an overwhelming bout of yes’s! So This post is dedicated solely to that collection. This is not my lip gloss collection, matt cream collection or lip stick collection. (Let me know if you want to see that, though. But there is ONE gloss in this collection and you’ll see why)


I had originally intended to include full lip swatches but Kim and I basically killed our lips trying to do that. I had also wanted to do a comparison of two different skin tones so y’all could see if a certain color was right for you or not, but, alas, you are stuck with my pale self. Go easy on me, these swatches are CRAZY. They look so juvenile and just not good. But they get the point across. (I did this quickly, give me a fucking break.) If you’re not familiar with liquid lipsticks, they are basically a lip gloss/lipstick hybrid. They generally dry down to a matte finish, unless stated otherwise, and, depending on the quality, last most of if not all of the day. I’m going to show you my collection (so far, believe me I’m not done purchasing), give you my thought on the formula, applicator, smell- the whole shebang. Each of these lipsticks range anywhere form $6-29 in price and I will tell you where to get them!


First up- Colourpop! Colourpop cosmetics is a swell little company operating out of California that make pretty great quality products for drugstore prices. They are only sold online so just go to to view what they’ve got if this peaks your interest. I have multiple products form them (probably about 20 different ones actually) and they’re overall a good operation.



From Top to bottom: Creeper, Trap, Kapow (All ultra-matte finish), Magic Wand (Ultra-satin finish)

Price: These retail for $6 each

Formula: Thin, ultra matte, transfer/kiss proof

Wear: All day (but beware they are a BITCH to remove and can seriously dry out your lips)

The applicator is a regular doe foot applicator.


NEXT is NYX Lip Lingerie. Most people have heard of NYX cosmetics. They provide affordable products found at ultra, target or online. The only catch with his brand is their products are seriously hit or miss. (I swear by they Skinny mascara, eyebrow gel and skinny eye marker, but not much else)

Left to Right: Beauty Mark, Embellishment

Price: These retail for $7 each

Formula: Thick, mousse-like texture. try to get it in one try otherwise is cakes on and gets uncomfortable. But mostly transfer proof

Wear: Most of the day, I found (when I still bothered to wear these) that they would wear after a few hours but dreaded putting on another layer because it is just SO thick

Applicator: Long, flexible applicator similar to the UD Naked concealer applicator, for those who have tried it.


NEXT we have LA Splash Cosmetics. Only found online, LA Splash makes a variety of lip products (and the best eyeliner I have ever used, I swear) and they are mostly of good quality and are decently affordable for anyone on a budget. Plus they have some very unique color combinations.



From left to right: Innocent Vixen (my perfect nude), Honey Blonde

Price: These retail for $14 each

Formula: Mixture of a thin liquid with a thin mousse. smells like orange sherbet to me!

Wear: All day, pretty hard to remove. I’d recommend an oil-based makeup remover. But I find myself rarely having to do any touch ups.

Applicator: This weird long, angled applicator, but it;s not as difficult to work with as it looks.


Now We have a cool little brand I recently discovered (only have one because all the other colors I want are sold out ;[) called Makeup Monsters Cosmetics. The packaging by this company is to DIE for, it’s like Lisa Frank had a baby with Frankenstein. It’s seriously like monsters and horror combined with pink, rainbows and unicorns. The quality of the product is AMAZING and  cannot wait for Terra Cotta to come back in stock. It will be mine!!! This brand started on etsy, they were (are?) hand made and I shit you not, I ordered and two days later it was here!

This color is called Hit the Dirt. But they have a wide array of brights and neutrals. Are you starting to see a pattern as to what kinds of colors I like?

Price: These retail for $15.95 each

Formula: Thin, trnasfer/kiss proof, not much of a smell, so wearable!

Wear: I would avoid oily foods with these but aside form that they are very long wearing

Applicator: Regular Doe Foot applicator


Now, one of my, if not my actual, favorite brands- Dose of Colors. Sold only online (are we sensing another trend with me?) They are just the best. I love them. I only have 2 colors currently but I have my eye on a few more!

From left to right: Stone and Cork (Probably my favorite color ever)

Price: These retail for $18 each

Formula: Thin, but not drying. Mostly kiss proof, there is a small bit of transfer on stone, I haven’t noticed any on cork. There is a smell of butterscotch to them. VERY wearable.

Wear: Avoid oily foods, per usual with liquid lipsticks but they wear all day, may possibly need a touch up depending on how much you eat or drink but usually are fine with one the whole day.

Applicator: Slanted doe foot applicator.


The next brand I have for you is Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Jeffree is a Myspace musician turned Beauty vlogger turned beauty entrepreneur. His gender fluid realness translates into his business tactics and he drives to bring quality products. I have just one color for now, but word on the street is I have another coming for my birthday, and I am eyeing another color, debating whether to buy it or not. Now, I am not as impressed with these as I had hoped I’d be, but nonetheless they are still a great product. These are also only available online.


This color is Androgyny. It’s supposed to look good on every skin tone. But it appears darker on my lips than on my arm.

Price: These retail for $18 dollars each.

Formula: Thin, very easy to apply and wearable. Non drying. Normal cosmetic smell.

Wear: This is where I was disappointed, maybe it’s just this one color, but the wear on this was no more than maybe an hour or 2 before I needed to touch up. Once again, could be this particular color, but I was not impressed after all of the hype.

Applicator: Slanted doe foot applicator.


This next company has been surrounded by a lot of scandal. Lime Crime creator Doe Deere has kind of made a mess of her company in a way, but nonetheless, her liquid lipsticks would rank as my 3rd favorite formula. I won’t go into details, google Lime Crime scandal and decide for yourselves if you want to support this company or not. But don’t tell me I’m wrong for doing so either. After all, this brand covers the most shades by a single brand in my collection.

From Left (Bottom) to Right (Top): Cashmere, Bleached, Riot, Beet It, Jinx and Salem

Price: These retail for $20 each

Formula: Very thin, Quick drying, Can be uncomfortable after 4+ hours of wear, but nothing really bothersome, smells sweetly of vanilla

Wear: Unless it’s oily foods, these suckers are on pretty much all day.

Applicator: Regular doe foot applicator


Next is another brand I was hyped for but slightly disappointed by- Stila. The Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks were something I was very excited for (and once agin it could be because I own only one) but ended up just being EH about. Nothing too impressive, nothing horrible at the same time. Available online or in beauty stores.


This shade if called Fiery. It’s a beautiful blue-red. Very pretty!

Price: These retail for $24 dollars but I grabbed this one on Amazon for 18. So just depending on where you look, the price varies.

Formula: kind of mousse-y, but a thin mousse. Very Comfortable, NOT transfer proof (this color, at least), smells just like Lime Crime.

Wear: Lasts most of the day, but it is similar to the JS in the sense that it’s got a good wear but it’s not as long lasting as I’d hoped, especially not for a retail price of $24. =/

Applicator: Regular doe foot applicator


I’m very excited I decided to try this next brand. Everyone knows Anastasia Beverly Hills for their amazing born products and highlighters. But they also have a great line of liquid lipsticks that people rave about. I didn’t decide to try until recently, but now that I have one I want MORE. I bought one of the new Spring 2016 shades and it is probably my new favorite number 2 lipstick shade following Cork from DOC. This brand is sold online and in beauty stores.

This BEAUTIFUL muted coral shade is called Dolce. *sighs*

Price: These retail for $20 each

Formula: Thin, comfortable, not drying, Normal cosmetics smell.

Wear: All day wear with literally no touch up needed. I love this!

Applicator: A slanted doe foot applicator


Second to last is Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick. Tattoo, vegan goddess Kat Von D started making beauty products a couple of years ago and I can’t get enough. They are amazing. And definitely cruelty-free.The only downside to these lipsticks is the formula varies per shade, so some dry all the way down and don’t transfer, some do not. Sold exclusively online or at Sephora.


From Left (Bottom) to Right (Top): Lolita, Lolita II (3rd fav shade!), Vampire, Damned

Price: These retail for 20 dollars each

Formula: Thin, but slightly mousse-y. Cosmetic lipstick smell, comfortable no matter the shade.

Wear: Some of these need a touch up, avoid oily foods at all costs. Some dry matte and transfer-proof, some do not.

Applicator:  Regular doe foot applicator


The last brand I have swatched (I own another but I literally have never tried it on. Not yet at least) is the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. These are hard to get unless you follow her social media avidly, and set the clock waiting for them to restock. They sell out overtime, sometimes in a matter of minutes. I have managed  to snag 4 kits and 1 gloss (I watched the gloss, cause why not, right?). There has recently been a controversy started over these lip kits as well. Just google Kylie Lip Kit and Colourpop, and you’ll see what beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole has recently found. I won’t get into it on here. Long story short these are basically the exact same product as Colourpop, manufactured by the same company with the same ingredients, but 5x the cost. Still love them though!

From Left (you know the drill) to Right: So Cute (gloss), Heir (Metallic Matte), Posie K, 22, True Brown K

Price: These retail for $29 each for a lipstick and a pencil, the metals come alone for $18 each and the glosses come alone for $15 each. But the shipping is 9  fucking dollars so you pay $40 for a lip kit at the end of the day (FUCK ME). These are a huge splurge, so unless you care about branding and packaging, just buy Colourpop and get 5 for the same price.

Formula: Very very thin, not too drying, but the longer you wear them the tighter they feel. They smell like Butterscotch candies *sigh again*

Wear: All day long baby, slightly hard to remove even *cough* Colourpop *cough*. Avoid oily foods or you will need a slight touch up.

Applicator: Regular doe foot applicator



That is my collection, sans one. I hope this was helpful for you. As far as I know all of these formulas are vegan and cruelty-free. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I don’t want to steer anyone the wrong way. As my collection grows and expands I will be sure to keep y’all in the loop. But if you’re looking for suggestions- Colourpop for the price, DOC and Makeup Monsters for the quality and JS for the color selections (seriously check them out!) Thanks guys! If y’all wanna see anything from pallets, full brand reviews, brushes  or makeup subscriptions, please reach out and let me know!

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