Into a Place Where Thoughts Can Bloom..


There is almost nothing I love more than when someone says to me “I love your makeup!” As a young girl, teenager and now young adult/new mom, I have struggled with body-image and self esteem issues.

I tried to hide the pain of hating myself, my depression and certain unfortunate circumstances I found myself in with drugs, boys and general apathy. But now I have two things that are better: My son and my makeup.

I am hoping for this blog to be many things. I want it to be musings about my life, my family, my goals, my everyday and my makeup. My layout will be something along the lines of this:

  1. Ranting about current events in my life
  2. Stories of my past and how they play into my present and future
  3. My makeup. Products I’m loving and looks I am trying.

If you have followed me on Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that I went from a completely out of this world wild child to someone more reserved-but still wild at heart.

I’m not looking for much out of this other than to share my world and gather my thoughts. I hope you all can relate to my life and struggles and enjoy the cosmetic side of this as well.

Katie Thomas

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